CDCLICK is CD DVD Blu Ray Printing and Duplication Online 24/7.

CDCLICK owns many patents and, in collaboration with the best companies in information technology (IT), has created, through its e-commerce site built with proprietary software CDCLICK i-Studio, the Virtual Factory CD.

CDCLICK as "Factory": directly produces the CD, DVD, Blue Ray.
CDCLICK as "Virtual": our customers can get all the benefits of a Factory without having to satisfy any of the factory machinery.

There are two major innovations with which CDCLICK has helped change the world for CD DVD Blu Ray Printing and Duplication Online:


Easy and Safe Upload
TransferGuard: Easy and Safe CD DVD Blu Ray Upload

When you upload a file, you will realize that there is not much difference between CDCLICK i-Studio Transfer Guard® and another similar one using plain FTP. What is for you to see, is displayed on the monitor, but what is hidden is making all the difference.

TransferGuard® features:

  • Resume automatically interrupted file trasfers.
  • Bandwidth control.
  • Guaranteed CD/DVD/BD file transfer integrity.

TransferGuard® controls the copy speed and maintains its own log for errors. Because of its speed and very high reliability, TransferGuard® is especially well suited for the transfer of gigabyte-sized files. During transmission, TransferGuard® performs block level checksum. After transmission, TransferGuard® checks the transmitted file size against the original to ensure complete transmission. In the event of an error in file size or a checksum error, TransferGuard® automatically retransmits the corrupted blocks. In the event of a broken communications line during transfer, TransferGuard® automatically reestablishes the link and completes the transfer from the point of interruption. In addition, CDCLICK i-Studio incorporates specialized compression utilities for the compression of large ISO file images thus cutting dramatically transfer time.


What You See Is What You Get.
WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get

In designing the i-Studio client software, CD-Click wanted to offer its customers the piece of mind they needed prior to committing their Project to Production. This is why CD-Click borrowed the WYSIWYG concept from the graphics and printing industry. In i-Studio, "what you see is what you get" describes the perfect match between the content of your disc (audio, video or data) and its label file with the actual outputs of i-Studio in your PC It means that with i-Studio, the user burns the disc on a blank CDR or DVDR with the disc burner installed in his PC and prints the Disc label on plain or glossy paper using the PC printer. After burning and printing the disc, the user verifies the perfect match between his project and the actual media

WYSIWYG® features:

  • Print preview and print the disc: using any printer, you can check the layout, definition, resolution of your printing. Of course you cannot print directly to a CD as CDCLICK but you can verify that everything is correct, suitable for the production.
  • Creating a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray sample using your burner: using this utility you can burn the CD, DVD or Blu-Ray, and verify that the copy you've created corresponding to your expectations. This also guarantees that what you burn with your PC will be what CDCLICK duplicate for you professionally in multiple copies;
  • Print preview packaging: using any printer, you can check the layout, definition, resolution of your packaging. In this way you're sure that your insert, cover have all the characteristics suitable for the production.



CDCLICK is not just a site for print and duplicate CD DVD Blu Ray, we constantly work for you to make your work unique and professional, please contact us to create your perfect design.


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